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Natalie Amrossi

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NYC Through the Lens: A Day in the Life of an Instagram Influencer

Join our Instagram influencers as they take you on a journey through New York City through their unique lens on Instagram. Take a stroll through their shoes on how they see NYC, what inspires them, and what drives them to do what they do. Discover their unique perspectives and artwork and see the city like never before. They will share their personal stories, missions, and secrets on how they gained their massive followings.

About Natalie Amrossi

Born and raised in New York, Natalie Amrossi always knew Manhattan was special. It was her goal to make it in the city. Graduating with a bachelors of science in Business Management, she was able to work in the heart of NYC for a financial firm and officially move to Manhattan, a dream come true at the time. Natalie would walk to her office and constantly take photos on her smartphone. It wasn’t until Instagram came along that she was immediately inspired by other photographers and decided to enhance her skills.

With a lot of time and practice, she noticed how people on social media would react to her photos. With time, her goals changed and she no longer wanted to consume her time in the finance world but rather focus on what makes her happy. One Monday morning, she randomly decided to resign from her job and fully dedicate her time into photography.

Natalie’s talent has attracted clients such as Jaguar and the Rockefeller Center, as well as being featured in multiple publications as the Wall Street Journal, Thrillest, and

Instagram: @misshattan
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