Humza Deas | InstaCamp New York - March

Humza Deas

Humza Deas Metro Tiles

NYC Through the Lens: A Day in the Life of an Instagram Influencer

Join our Instagram influencers as they take you on a journey through New York City through their unique lens on Instagram. Take a stroll through their shoes on how they see NYC, what inspires them, and what drives them to do what they do. Discover their unique perspectives and artwork and see the city like never before. They will share their personal stories, missions, and secrets on how they gained their massive followings.

About Humza Deas

Humza Deas is our youngest Instagram influencer (only 17 years old). Born in Brooklyn NY, Humza started photography sometime around the end of the summer in 2013. An avid skateboarder, he has been skating since he was 10 years old.

Humza is known as an outlaw Instagrammer, scaling buildings and bridges to get the perfect shots for his Instagram and producing unique shots for his street style photography. He has attracted the attention of publications such as Complex Magazine, New York Magazine, Business Insider, and Village Voice. Humza shows a different perspective of NYC in a way you have never seen before.

Instagram: @humzadeas
Twitter: @humzadeas

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