Edlynne Laryea | InstaCamp New York - March

Edlynne Laryea


Methods of Creating Inspiration Photography for Brands

Brands today need more visual content than ever before. However, many lag behind in their ability to produce original photography worthy of their brands. Luckily, there are more ways to create great visual content than ever before. Learn how some of the most innovative marketers create consistent and compelling experiences at scale through examples and case studies.

About Edlynne Laryea

Edlynne Laryea is an advisor and consultant who works with large organizations wishing to use emerging technology to enhance their marketing efforts. As an ‘old school marketer’, Edlynne draws on her classical CPG experience to help some of the world’s leading brands take advantage of new platforms to connect with consumers. She is currently a Consultant at the Worldwide Digital Center of Excellence at Johnson & Johnson.

Edlynne has helped launch the social presences of over 30 major brands and is a friend to many corporate legal departments for showing how social media can work in highly regulated industries. Most recently, one of her projects was nominated for a 2014 Mashie Award.

She is an avid amateur photographer. If she isn’t glued to her phone, she is usually ordering too much food at a new restaurant as she attempts to eat her way through New York City.

Twitter: @edlynne
inkedIn: /edlynne

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